Tips for Preforming Ankle Therapy

The ankle is among the most frequently injured body parts. This can be attributed to the ankle structure and the fact that the ankle joint bears a good portion of the overall body weight. If you are an athlete or you enjoy staying active through running, walking or jumping, it is highly likely that you will injure your ankle at least once in your life. What you do when your ankle is injured can make all the difference and with therapy you can be back on your feet in a matter of weeks. Below are some tips for performing ankle therapy that you can use to hasten your recovery process. And if you looking for a Chiropractor in Porirua seek out Dr Brendan Smallbone at

Ankle Therapy

1. Avoid putting pressure on the injured ankle too soon

Well, this should go without saying but most people have no idea how soon is too soon not to mention the fact that such people do not enjoy staying inactive for long. The duration of time you are supposed to let the ankle rest after an injury depends on the severity of the injury and can be anything between 24 hours for minor sprains and a few months where there are broken bones and surgery involved. Your doctor should advise you on how long you should wait before putting pressure on an injured ankle and you need to follow the doctor’s advice to the letter. Make use of crutches or a walker when moving around and get as much rest as possible.

2. Start on exercise to strengthen your ankle as soon as possible

You can get started on ankle strengthening exercise as soon as your doctor thinks its ok. Start with mild isometric exercises that involve pushing your ankle against a fixed object. Once you can comfortably do that work to restore normal leg movement by moving the ankle in different directions. You can easily achieve this by drawing the letters of the alphabet with your dangling foot and using the big toe as your pencil. You can also stand on the injured leg for some time to strengthen it further. The trick with exercise is to take things gradually as this is the only way you can safeguard the ankle against further injuries.

3. Keep your injured ankle elevated at all times

Elevated your injured ankle will help reduce and prevent swelling. Elevating the ankle also helps with keeping the ankle muscles relaxed.

4. Invest in a foot bath

Water is a healer and this also applies when it comes to ankle injuries. Once the cast is off immerse the injured foot in a foot bath with some warm water. This relaxes the muscles. Apply some icepacks later if you notice any swelling.

5. Be Consistent

This is possibly the most important thing to remember as far as tips for Preforming Ankle Therapy are concerned. Consistency when it comes to therapy is key and as any doctor will tell you healing does not happen overnight. Whatever exercises are recommended for you, be sure to perform them consistently until you are fully healed. In some extreme cases you may have to do this for up to one year for your ankle to fully regain its strength.